2019 edition

On January 30 and 31st, 2019, MECC Maastricht hosted a two-day event focused on the latest 3D Printing innovations in medicine. The event included a conference with dedicated sessions to 3D pharma printing, 3D medtech printing, 3D bioprinting, 3D printing applications in surgery and dentistry, lab tours and demo corners and an exhibition.

On January 30, the program included dedicated sessions on 3D Bioprinting and 3D Dental Printing. Attendees found out the current status of designing biomaterials for tissue regeneration, custom-made 3D printed dental implants, smart materials for 3D dental printing, bioprinting of tissues and organs & understood why 3D printing is a must have for the production of certain dental applications.

The program of this day also included a MERLN Institute for Technology-Inspired Regenerative Medicine Lab Tour.

On January 31, the focus during the 3D Medical Printing Conference shifted towards 3D medtech printing (orthopaedic implants, surgery models) and 3D pharma printing (How far are we from 3D printing our medication?).

Dedicated sessions to Value-Based Health Care by implementing 3D technologies in regular hospital practices and Use of Surgical guides using 3D Printing / Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality provided insights into how can this new technology find its place in the current health system.

For instance, Alessandro Ricci from 3DIFIC, Italy, presented a case of a previously non-treatable tumour that was successfully treated using a 3D printed solution. Mohamed Alhnan from King’s College London talked about how 3D printing can be used to personalise medicine dosing so that it is tailored to an individual patient’s needs and preferences.

Below you can see the program of the conference.

Program Day 1, January 30

08:45 09:30

Welcome and Registration

09:30 09:40 pieter hermans program Opening by Pieter Hermans, Matchmaker for Innovators, Jakajima, Moderator jakajima program  
09:40 10:10 jules poukens progam Prof. Dr. Jules Poukens, Cranio-maxillofacial Surgeon, Zuyderland Medical Center / The Netherlands, Lecturer-Researcher, University Hasselt and Leuven, Belgium, on “Need a new skull or mandible? 3d print it!”, More information zuyderland program  
10:10 10:40 Prasad Shastri Prasad Shastri, Professor and Director of the Institute for Macromolecular Chemistry, University of Freiburg, Germany, on “BioInks the Lynchpin of 3D Bioprinting: Challenges and Opportunities”, More information logo university Freiburg  
10:40 11:10 Derek Mathers Derek Mathers, Director, Strategic Accounts ,  Advanced Solutions Life Sciences (ASLS) , USA, on “A Precision Workflow for Clinic-based Bioprinting “, More information asls  
11:10 11:40

Coffee Break and visit Expo

    3D Bioprinting Session 



Moderator: Pieter Hermans, CEO, Jakajima

  3D Dental Printing Session 



Moderator: Kris Binon, General Director, Flam3D

11:40 12:10 sandra camarero Espinosa program Sandra Camarero Espinosa, PhD, Postdoctoral researcher, MERLN institute for Technology Inspired Regenerative Medicine, on “Designing biomaterials for tissue regeneration”, More information   Sohaib Shujaat program Sohaib Shujaat, PhD Candidate​, Department of Imaging & Pathology | OMFS-IMPATH Research Group, KU Leuven, Belgium, on “Accuracy of 3D printed models”, More information  
12:10 12:40 tom kamperman program Tom Kamperman, CTO / CEO a.i. @ IamFluidics B.V. & post-doctoral researcher @ University of Twente, on “Microgel Technology to Advance Modular Tissue Engineering”, More information
  Sandro Montecchiani program Sandro Montecchiani, Owner of private dental practice, Italy, on “Surgical guides for dentistry: osteotomy and implants sites preparation using open software and freeware for virtual planning and guides project and production”, More information  
12:40 14:15

Lunch Break and visit Expo

MERLN Institute for Technology-Inspired Regenerative Medicine – Lab Tour (registration required, only for conference attendees; both tours are fully booked), More information

14:15 14:45 jasper van dieten blom program Jasper van Dieten-Blom, Segment Leader Healthcare, DSM Additive Manufacturing, on “Qualification of Materials for medical applications”, More information
logo dsm program  
14:45 15:15 lowers program Ernst-Jan Louwers, IP and tech lawyer,  Louwers IP|Technology Advocaten, on “3D medical printing: throw the dice!”, More information
logo louwers advocaten program  
15:15 15:45

Break and visit Expo

    3D Bioprinting Session   3D Dental Printing Session  
15:45 16:15 carlos mota 150x150 Carlos Mota, PhD, Assistant Professor, Maastricht University /
MERLN Institute for Technology-Inspired Regenerative Medicine, on “Bioprinting of tissues and organs”, More information
  Ludwig Schultheiss Ludwig Schultheiss, Partner, INFINIDENT Solutions, Germany, on “3D printing of dental applications on an industrial production level from a digital service provider point of view”, More information   
16:15 16:45 Marko Milojević Marko Milojevic, Researcher and PhD student, Faculty of Medicine, University of Maribor, Slovenia, on “Core-shell printing of Alginate-CMC scaffolds for engineering of tubular tissues”, More information   Sherif Kandil Sherif Kandil, GM / Cofounder, GM and Director of Research & Development, K Line Europe GmbH, Germany, on “Smart Material Applications in Dentistry”, More information  
16:45 18:00

Drinks and visit Expo

19:00 22:00 30 January, Networking dinner at Restaurant The Harbour Club (registration required)

Program Day 2, January 31

08:45 09:30

Welcome and Registration

09:30 09:40 pieter hermans program Opening by Pieter Hermans, Matchmaker for Innovators, Jakajima, Moderator jakajima program  
09:40 10:10 kjeld van bommel TNO Kjeld Van Bommel, Senior Consultant, TNO, The Netherlands, on “Creation of oral dosage forms using powder bed printing”, More information tno program  
10:10 10:40 Holger Jahr, Head Biomaterials & Molecular Musculoskeletal Research, Univ. Hospital RWTH Aachen, on “Comparing different direct metal printed resorbable medical implants”, More information uniklinik rwth aachen program  
    “Value-Based Health Care by implementing 3D technologies in regular hospital practices”  
10:40 11:15 Wouter WeijermarsBarry KolenaarMark van Kooten Wouter Weijermars, Researcher, Saxion University of Applied Sciences, More information 



Barry Kolenaar, Maxillofacial surgeon, head and neck surgical oncologist, Medisch Spectrum Twente, More information

Mark van Kooten, Biomedical Engineer, Medisch Spectrum Twente, More information

saxion program  
11:15 11:45

Coffee Break and visit Expo

    3D Medtech Printing Session   3D Medicine Printing Session  
11:45 12:15 Fergal Coulter Fergal Coulter, Research Fellow, ETH Zurich – Complex Materials, Switzerland, on “Bioinspired Heart Valve Prosthesis and Cellular Scaffolds by Silicone 3D Printing”, More information   Mohamed Alhnan program Mohamed A Alhnan, Senior Lecturer in Pharmaceutical Medicine, King’s College London, United Kindom, on “On Demand manufacturing of oral dosage forms: A focus on multi-material and FDM 3D printing”, More information  
12:15 12:45 richt loorbach 150x150 Richt Loorbach, Technical Director, Hulotech, on “Additive Manufacturing of orthopedic products”, More information   thomas ehmann program Thomas Ehmann, Managing Director, DiHeSys – Digital Health Systems GmbH, on “Personalized Healthcare – An integrated approach”, More information  
12:45 14:00

Lunch and visit Expo

14:00 15:30 Use of Surgical guides, using 3D Printing / Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality  
Mark ter Laan Mark ter Laan, Neurosurgeon, Neurosurgical Center Nijmegen (NCCN), Radboudumc Nijmegen, on “Implementation of personalized 3D models in education of brain tumour patients”, More information  
Ewald Unger Ewald Unger, Medical University Vienna, Center for Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, on “M3dRES – Additive Manufacturing for Medical Research and Education”, More information
universität wien program  
guido de jong program Guido de Jong, Research Coordinator – Radboudumc – Department of Neurosurgery, on “GreyMapp – Augmented Reality app for training purposes”, More information  
Alessandro Ricci Alessandro Ricci, Managing Director, 3DIFIC, Italy, on “Make treatable the untreatable”, More information

3dedific program  
15:30 16:00

Coffee Break and visit Expo

    3D Medtech Printing Session   3D Medicine Printing Session  
16:00 16:30 benjamin els program Benjamin Els, Project Manager and Designer, Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München / Mecuris, Germany, on “3DPrint2Fiber – Combining the strength of carbon fibre with the versatility of 3D printing”, More information    David Alexander Gregory program David Alexander Gregory, Post Doctoral Research Associate, University of Sheffield, on “Reactive Inkjet Printing of Functional Silk Micro-motors”, More information  
16:30 17:00 jaco saurwalt program Jaco Saurwalt, 
COO, Admatec Europe, on “Process with ceramic filled resins for stereolithography-based additive manufacturing of Bonelike Materials”, More information
  julius krause program Julius Krause, PhD Student, University of Greifswald, on “Design and characterization of a novel 3D printed pressure-controlled drug delivery system”, More information  
16:45 18:00

Drinks and visit Expo