3D Bioprinting Conference, 29 March

3D Bioprinting is the utilization of 3D printing and 3D printing–like techniques to combine cells, growth factors, and biomaterials to fabricate biomedical parts that maximally imitate natural tissue characteristics.

3D Bioprinting holds much promise in advancing medicine as tool to replicate cellular complexity of tissue environment, ex vivo for drug screening and as a means of engineering well-defined functional tissue units for transplantation (scaffolds, which can be used to regenerate joints and ligaments).

The following speakers will share their knowledge, experience and vision on 3D Bioprinting:

Aleksandr Ovsianikov, Full Professor 3D Printing and Biofabrication, TU Wien / Co-Founder-Head of Research, UpNano GmbH, on ‘High-Resolution 3D Printing by Multiphoton Lithography’, Read more

Paulo A. N. Marinho, Ph.D, Head of Scientific Strategy, T&R Biofab, Korea, on ‘3D printed liver models’, on ‘Phenotypically relevant generation of liver models through bioprinting’, Read more

Denys Gurak, CEO / Co-Founder, A.D.A.M, on ‘New Business Models in Healthcare: Point-of-care 3D Printing of Surgical Implants’, Read more

Fergal O’Brien, Professor / Deputy Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation, RCSI University of Medical & Health Sciences, Ireland, on ‘3D printing of scaffolds and biomolecules for enhanced tissue repair’, Read more

Marisa Assunção, PhD Researcher, UMC Utrecht, on ‘Biofabrication and Volumetric Bioprinting’, on ‘Creating centimeter-scale complex tissue geometries within seconds via Volumetric Bioprinting’, Read more

Yan Yan Shery Huang, Associate Professor, Huang Lab, Bioengineering, Materials Engineering & Biointerface, University of Cambridge, on ‘Biofabrication and 3D Printing for Precision Healthcare’, Read more

Mehdi Salar Amoli, PhD Student, KU Leuven OMFS-IMPATH, on ‘Development, characterization and encapsulation of drug loaded microgels in bioinks aimed at dentoalveolar bioprinting’, Read more

Lorenzo Moroni, Professor Complex Tissue Regeneration, MERLN Institute-Maastricht University, on ‘From Scaffold Design to Control Stem Cell Fate to Bioprinting’, Read more

Cecilia Soto, Field Application Specialist, Cellink

Dr. Stephen G. Gray, Co-Founder: Advanced 4D Bioprinting, Cyborganics,& Human-Machine Interface Technology, Ourobionics, on ‘The emergence of 4D Bioprinting: Next Generation in regenerative medicine & human-machine interfacing’, Read more

Giovanni Vozzi, Professor in Bioengineering, University of Pisa, on ‘Robotic-based in situ bioprinting’, Read more

This conference is part of the 3D Medical Printing Series, consisting of 3D Bioprinting Conference, 3D Medtech Printing Conference, 3D Dental Printing Conference and 3D Pharma Printing Conference.

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