A SMART Map for 3D Printing in the Biomedical Field

The SMART Map is a tool that helps businesses address issues of social and environmental responsibility they face in their innovation processes.
It is based on the Responsible Research Innovation (RRI) approach promoted by the European Commission and it provides different stakeholders with practical suggestions on how to promote these principles.

The SMART Map proposes a route that guides industry from the current scenario of 3DMed towards the implementation of RRI practices and their
potential benefits for companies, through a series of suggested actions
and concrete examples collected during a pilot.

The Report on “Industrial Development of 3D Printing in the Biomedical Field” is the outcome of a two-years-long process which started with a mapping of relevant stakeholders, continued with two Industrial Dialogues that resulted in six co-designed toolboxes for Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), and ended with a Pilot activity where two of the tools were tested in an industrial setting.

The process has led to the identification of a long list of benefits deriving from adopting RRI practices in this industrial context.

Here you can find five Executive Summaries of the Report, differentiated by target audience:

Executive Summary for Industry

Executive Summary for Civil Society Organisations

Executive Summary for Policy Makers

Executive Summary for the RRI Community

Executive Summary for Funders


Click here to download the full Report on “Industrial Development of 3D Printing in the Biomedical Field (3DMed)”, or access specific chapters according to your interests.


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