Beyond 3D Printing session, 30 March

The 3D Medical Printing Series covers all aspects of 3D Printing for the medical profession. But at the same time there are several technologies who can be applied in addition or next to 3D Printing, like digital twins, 3D modelling, AI, smart glasses, VR, AR and Extended reality. These new options have great impact in the daily medical way of working. One of them is that engineers are more and more involved and active in the hospital. So clinicians and engineer have to learn how to work together.

Regulation and certification plus topics like Intellectual Property are playing a crucial role for both the endusers as the developers of products and services.

This Beyond 3D Printing session will covers alle the above mentioned issues.

The following speakers will share their knowledge, experience and vision and will look beyond 3D Printing in this session:

Banu Köse, Strategy Lead Research, Clinician Engineer Hub / Assistant Professor, Medipol University School of Engineering and Natural Sciences, on ‘Building A Common Language Between Engineers and Clinicians for Healthcare System Innovation’, Read more

Ernst Jan Louwers, Founding partner, Louwers IP|Technology Advocaten

Arie Platschorre, Director, Technical Sales, SIMULIA, Dassault Systèmes, on ‘transforming the patient experience’

Bart Verreydt, Chief Commercial Officer, Iristick, on ‘Smart Glasses for medical applications’, on ‘How Extended reality (XR) and Smart Glasses can help advance healthcare’, Read more

Ger Janssen, Principal Scientist, Philips thought leader patient digital twin, Philips

This session is part of the 3D Medical Printing Series, consisting of 3D Bioprinting Conference, 3D Medtech Printing Conference, 3D Dental Printing Conference, 3D Pharma Printing Conference and beyond 3D Printing.

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