3D Pharma Printing Conference, 30 March

As a new technology for the pharmaceutical industry, we foresee that 3D Printing will follow its growth path according to the following logical steps. Starting in the research laboratories (universities) with first applications in university hospitals. With that knowledge gained the next step will be the top clinical hospitals. By that time the experience both in production and compounding will reach such a level that the general hospitals and community pharmacies can start using it on a larger scale. Dependent on their level of innovation, compounding companies will join the 3D Pharma Printing bandwagon somewhere during this process.

The following speakers will share their knowledge, experience and vision on 3D Pharma Printing:

Christian Franken, Professor / CEO, DIHESYS Digital Health Systems GmbH, on ‘Options to implement digital printing of medicines in clinical practice’, Read more

Torsten Hoppe-Tichy, Chief Pharmacist, Heidelberg University Hospital, Pharmacy Department, on ‘Printing of Medicines – What do Hospital Pharmacists expect from Hard- and Software Vendors’, Read more

Jan Saevels, Scientific Director, APB-Belgian Pharmaceutical Association-Association Pharmaceutique Belge-Algemene Farmaceutische Bond, on ‘Bringing 3D printing to community pharmacy’, Read more

Silke Henry, PhD Student, Ghent University, on ‘A personalised dosing strategy using 3D-printing to facilitate zolpidem withdrawal therapy’, Read more

Anton Aulbers, Senior Consultant 3D Pharmaprinting, TNO

Mattias Paulsson, Deputy chief pharmacist, Uppsala University Children’s Hospital, on ‘Manipulations and age-appropriateness of oral medications in pediatric oncology and neurology patients in Sweden’, Read more

Korinde van den Heuvel, Senior Product Developer Excipients, DFE Pharma, on ‘Industrial applications of 3D powder bed printed lactose tablets: From laboratory scale to production’, Read more

Kirk Donaldson, Vice President Of Business Development & Alliance Management, Aprecia Pharmaceuticals

Sejad Ayyoubi, PhD candidate, Erasmus MC

Iris Lafeber, PhD Candidate, Leiden University Medical Center

This conference is part of the 3D Medical Printing Series, consisting of 3D Bioprinting Conference, 3D Medtech Printing Conference, 3D Dental Printing Conference and 3D Pharma Printing Conference.

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