Cryptopharmaceuticals & personalised drug delivery systems to dramatically change pharma manufacturing & distribution

Digitalization in the medical field opens up new opportunities for personalized pharmaceuticals as well. 3D Printing techniques are creating great opportunities for personalised drug delivery systems. Drug dosage form production and manufacture will be dramatically changed once the problems of right materials and regulatory issues are solved. But what is the current status? Where are we now, what are the most challenging issues we are confronted with and what are the next steps?

At 3D Medical Conference & Expo (February 4-5) in Maastricht, during the 3D pharma Printing session (February 5) the latest applications and developments will be discussed. Below you can find the list of speakers during the session and the titles of presentation. Click on Read more for Interviews with speakers and more details about the presentation, speaker and their affiliation.

  • Anton Aulbers, Senior Consultant 3D Pharma Printing, TNO, on “Digital Drug Manufacturing – towards truly personalized drug delivery”, Read more
  • Natalja Genina, Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen, Department of Pharmacy, on ‘Cryptopharmaceuticals: Smart dosage forms’, Read more
  • Heidi Öblom, PhD Student, Åbo Akademi University, Finland, on ‘Towards printed pediatric medicines in hospital pharmacies’, Read more
  • Antien Zuidberg, Professor of Practice (Lector), HAS University of Applied Sciences, on “3D Food printing for better eating”, Read more
  • Ricky Wildman, Professor, Centre for Additive Manufacturing, University of Nottingham, on “Formulating for 3D printing of pharmaceuticals”, Read more
  • Netta Beer, Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Pharmacy, Copenhagen University, on ‘Is 3D printing of personalized medicine feasible? The Dutch perspective”, Read more
  • Jan-Paul van Loon, Senior Consultant, Qserve Consultancy, on “Printing medical devices under the MDR: changed world?”, Read more

If you register for one day, you have access to all the sessions and presentations on that day, including visiting the expo.

3D Medical Conference & Expo in a nutshell:

Full program of the event:

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