How are 3D printing & digital technology changing dentistry?

3D printing & digital technology have been gaining grounds in the dental practice in the recent years. Additive technologies, such as DLP are widely used to build, starting from digital files, dental models in addition to orthodontic and prosthetic devices. 3D printed patient specific implants are used more and more in clinical cases. The start-up Lake3D wants to develop the first 3D Dental printer based on Multi Material 3D inkjet.

At 3D Medical Conference & Expo (February 4-5) in Maastricht, during the 3D Dental Printing session (February 4) the latest applications and developments will be discussed. Below you can find the list of speakers during the session and the titles of presentation. Click on Read more for Interviews with speakers and more details about the presentation, speaker and their affiliation.

  • Yi Sun, Head of 3D surgical planning Lab – Oral and maxillofacial surgery, UZ Leuven, Belgium, on “Application of 3D printed patient specific implant in oral and maxillofacial surgery”, Read more
  • Emanuele Paoletto, Certified dental technician, ORTHOMODUL Lab Manager, on “Orthodontics in the digital world: a 3D approach combining LMF and DLP technologies”, Read more
  • René van der Meer, CTO & Co-Founder, Lake3D, on “Disruptive Multi Material 3D Technology for 3D Dental Printing and beyond”, Read more
  • Gabi Janssen, Business Development Manager Healthcare, DSM Additive Manufacturing, on “How do regulations impact your medical production?”, Read more
  • Arno Hermans, Founder, 3Dmouthguard, on “Turning your upperjaw into a mouthguard”, Read more
  • Petra Clauß, Managing Director, Ignident, on “How to get 3-D-Data of human patients for planning and working with in the workflow of the digital dentistry”, Read more

If you register for one day, you have access to all the sessions and presentations on that day, including visiting the expo.

3D Medical Conference & Expo in a nutshell:

Full program of the event:

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