3D Medlab will exhibit at 3D Medical Conference & expo

3D Medlab is Start-Up partner of 3D Medical Conference & expo

About 3D Medlab

3D-Medlab is an engineering office specialized in supporting healthcare professionals in the mastery of additive manufacturing.

Our activity is exclusively dedicated to the development of 3D printing in the medical field.

It mainly concerns 3 sectors:

– Industrial (manufacturers of medical devices which are willing to develop new product lines by additive manufacturing or which want to be supported in the development of their 3D printing activity.

– Hospital (simulation centers, surgeons and healthcare establishments which are wishing to integrate additive technology into their structure: to develop anatomical models, customized cutting guides, adapted and / or disposable instruments, customized implants)

– R & D: Research and studies of new materials and 3D manufacturing processes for the development of innovative and futuristic medical devices.

For more information about 3D Medical Conference & Expo and registration, please visit https://3dmedicalconference.com/.

DWS will exhibit at 3D Medical Conference


DWS is Gold Partner of 3D Medical Conference

About DWS

DWS is an Italian company producing 3D printers for prototyping and rapid manufacturing, materials for 3D printing, and related management software. Quality and continuous innovation are the distinguishing features of a company that has filed more than 250 industrial, technological, and design patents since 2007.

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SISMA will exhibit at 3D Medical Conference & Expo


SISMA is Silver Partner of the 3D Medical Expo during 3D Medical Conference 2019

High precision manufacturing solutions, machinery and laser systems.

SISMA is a worldwide reference in the design and production of extremely high precision machinery and laser systems. Established in 1961, today SISMA can count on an extensive experience with more than 130 different models of automatic chain making machines.

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Simufact Engineering will exhibit at 3D Medical Conference


Simufact Engineering is Gold Partner of the 3D Medical Expo during 3D Medical Conference 2019

About Simufact Engineering

Simufact Engineering – an MSC Software company – is a global operating software company providing process simulation products and services to manufacturing industries.

Today, after nearly 25 years of developing and supporting simulation solutions for the design and optimization of manufacturing techniques in metal processing, the Hamburg (Germany) headquartered company has established as one of the leaders in this business area.

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3D Medical Expo welcomes Rösler, AM Solutions as Bronze Partner

AM Solutions

3D Medical Expo welcomes Rösler, AM Solutions as Bronze Partner

About Rösler, AM Solutions
Rösler, AM Solutions your one-stop-shop partner for post processing and surface finishing of AM components

As a specialist in surface treatment of conventional produced parts, Rösler has over 80 years of experience and a comprehensive know-how. The portfolio of solutions includes services and solutions along the process chain, regardless of what 3D printing technology and what material the parts are made of. Continue reading “3D Medical Expo welcomes Rösler, AM Solutions as Bronze Partner”

3D Medical Expo welcomes Admatec as Gold Partner


3D Medical Expo welcomes Admatec as Gold Partner

About Admatec
Admatec is dedicated to provide additive manufacturing solutions for high demanding applications and markets. With the revolutionary ADMAFLEX technology, we offer customers the ability to shape ceramics and metals from single piece to large scale productions. The ADMAFLEX process delivers strong performing materials using patented 3D printing technology. Based in the Netherlands, Admatec is located in a unique high-tech engineering environment, allowing to develop processes that include the full supply chain while recognizing the flexibility that the user expects. Continue reading “3D Medical Expo welcomes Admatec as Gold Partner”

3D Medical Expo welcomes Van Mierlo as Start-Up Partner

Van Mierlo

3D Medical Expo welcomes Van Mierlo as Start-Up Partner

About Van Mierlo
Van Mierlo Ingenieursbureau is an independent design company specializing in development of intelligent electronics for measurement and control applications.

About 3D Medical Conference & Expo
On January 30-31, 2019, MECC Maastricht, The Netherlands, will host a two-day event focused on 3D Medical Printing.

3D printing is becoming increasingly implemented in medical professions, from surgeons to pharmacists and from dentists to Biomedical engineers. Several uses of the technology are already generating revenue as viable medical businesses, like dental applications, prosthetics and hearing devices.However, lack of skilled professionals, and problems related to material characterization and development are some of the factors restraining the growth. Also regulatory requirements for the approval are inhibiting the growth of the global 3D printing in medical / dental and medicine applications market.

The 3D Medical Conference is a platform and information interface enabling an exchange of information on market requirements, research interests and current results, skills and resources as well as facilitating the building of future partnerships. Academics, doctors, nurses, engineers, designers, and managers are invited to lecture on their state-of-the-art developments and future prospects or display their products and offers as exhibitor.

Focus topics:

  • Medical applications with Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality
  • 3D Bio Printing
  • 3D Dental Printing
  • 3D Medtech Printing
  • 3D Medicine & Pharmaceutics Printing
  • 3D Medical & Dental Scanning
  • 3D Medical & Dental Software
  • 3D Medical (Bio)Materials
  • 3D Medical Workflow & Planning Tools
  • Legal and Regulatory issues regarding 3D Medical printing applications

The audience, a mix of academics, medical professionals, business, technology, regulation and creatives, will get an excellent overview and insight in the medical tech developments from different perspectives.

Combination tickets are available and can be purchased on the conference website.