New 3D Bioprinter for Tissue Engineering and Organ Regeneration

With the new 3D Bioprinter, the research group of Professor Paul Gatenholm at the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering exploits new possibilities of tissue engineering and organ regeneration. ​Professor Paul Gatenholm’s research has gained a lot of attention lately, both in newspapers and on television. A quick interview.. Continue reading “New 3D Bioprinter for Tissue Engineering and Organ Regeneration”

Engineering Ourselves – The Future Potential Power of 3D-Bioprinting?

Researchers at Swansea University are exploring the use of a novel 3D-bioprinting technology to make living tissue structures. This research is being focused not towards fuelling the excitement of organogenesis, but instead towards producing heterogeneous biological support tissues for use in reconstructive surgery.  Continue reading “Engineering Ourselves – The Future Potential Power of 3D-Bioprinting?”

FFF BioPen Heralds Seaweed Bioprinting Industry

The world is a complex system of biodiversity, individual components interacting, giving and taking from one another. As we begin to truly understand this concept, we can begin to harness the power of living in symbiosis with our environment. Take seaweed, for instance. Researchers at the University of Wollongong (UOW) in Australia have been exploring the use of seaweed in 3D printed medical implants. Continue reading “FFF BioPen Heralds Seaweed Bioprinting Industry”

Organovo Announces Collaboration with National Institutes of Health

Organovo announced today that they are joining together with two institutes from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to help scientists develop more reliable tools for bringing safer, more effective treatments to patients on a faster timeline. Organovo is collaborating with the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS) and the National Eye Institute (NEI) to develop better and more clinically predictive tissue models using Organovo’s NovoGen MMX Bioprinter®. Organovo will collaborate with NCATS and NEI in using the NovoGen Bioprinting platform to create three-dimensional, architecturally correct, functional living tissues. Continue reading “Organovo Announces Collaboration with National Institutes of Health”