Glimpse into the future: 3D printing for breast reconstruction, microrobotics, regenerative medicine, bionic prosthetics & more

Currently there are no retinal tissue engineered grafts for clinical applications. But PhD students at Politecnico di Milano are about to change that. They are working at a project aiming to design functional retinal tissue that could be implanted in patients suffering from age-related macular degeneration.

Currently, the most affordable myoelectric bionic prosthetics cost more than $10,000. But Augment Bionics is going to change that. They are developing software and manufacturing methods that will ultimately reduce production costs and the patient-clinician contact time.

Would you like to learn more? Then join us at 3D Medical Conference & Expo, on February 4-5, in Maastricht. During the Student demo corners, PhD students from universities around the world will demo their latest research in the field. Below you can see who will be there and what they will show. Click on More information for more details.

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Student Demo Corner - FULLY BOOKED

Coralie Gréant, PhD Student, & Laurens Parmentier, Polymer Chemistry and Biomaterials Group, Ghent University3D printing of polymers for biomedical applications, More information
Beatrice BelgioBeatrice Belgio, PhD Student, Politecnico di Milano3D Bioprinting as a promising tool for retinal regeneration, More information
bruno grandinettiBruno Grandinetti, PhD Student, European Laboratory for Non-Linear Spectroscopy3D Printing of Photoresponsive Polymers for Microrobotics and Regenerative Medicine, More information
George DzavaryanGeorge Dzavaryan, Augment BionicsAugment Bionics, More information
sofia santiSofia Santi, Università degli Studi di TrentoProduction of hydrogels based on modified-silk fibroin, More information
yuyanf wuYuyang Wu, PhD student | Centre for Additive Manufacturing, AMIChemEReactive extrusion 3D printing, More information
Andrea Alice KontaAndrea Alice Konta, Doctoral Researcher, University of Nottingham
New biomaterials, More information
ling yongLing Yong, University of NottinghamNew fungal resistant copolymer, More information
Athina LiaskoniAthina Liaskoni, PhD student, University of Nottingham3D Printed Polymeric Implants For Drug Therapy, More information
Marica MalenicaMarica Malenica, PhD student, University of NottinghamJet mixing: towards continuous production of core-shell particles for biomedical selective laser sintering, More information

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