Jet mixing: towards continuous production of core-shell particles for biomedical selective laser sintering

Marica Malenica, PhD student, University of Nottingham will demo her project at 3D Medical Conference & Expo

The aim of my project is to develop a platform for continuous production of core-shell particles and to exploit the platform to create polymeric core-shell particles which can be used in selective laser sintering of biomedical products.

The particles created are coated by a continuous layer of a sintrable polymer, while the core is prepared as a non-sintrable material and has the potential to incorporate drugs.

They have average diameter in the range between 50 and 100 µm, and they exhibit spherical morphology with smooth surfaces allowing good flow during SLS processing. ToF-SIMS analysis has confirmed the core-shell structure, while DSC and initial sinterability tests have further corroborated their suitability for SLS applications.

In my research, fabrication of such particles is carried out in a coaxial jet mixer, which has previously demonstrated potential to produce core-shell particles in a continuous manner and in amounts of up to several kg per day.

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