Volatile Innovation is Bronze Partner of 3D Medical Expo 2020

Volatile Innovation will exhibit at 3D Medical Expo 2020

About Volatile Innovation

Volatile Innovation builds integrated 2D/3D printing/electrospinning apparatuses for the production of highly functionalized surface matrixes and constructs of nano and microfibres.

This technology allows printing many nano and micro filaments instead of a single macro filament. Such nano-/microstructured materials have potential in numerous biopharmaceutical and biomedical applications, including wound dressing, tissue engineering, drug delivery, bioactive molecules immobilization, and separation.

We also offer post spinning treatment to introduce hydrophobicity or hydrophilicity, bioactive ingredient, fibre crosslinking, etc.

We are startup of Kaunas University of Technology, with the background in process engineering. Our primary scope is converting recent advances in additive manufacturing, electrospinning, and biocompatible matrixes from scientific scale to industrial scale applications. Our areas of interest cover biomed and cleantech sectors, but expanding to many challenges from variety of industries.

Our core technology combines solvent-free and solvent-based electrospinning processes with additive manufacturing (3D printing). Electrospinning is a high-voltage process, where a polymer solution or melt is subjected to a high voltage electrical field and thus is sprayed as micro and nanofibers, producing a non-woven fibrous matrixes. These matrixes have controlled fibre diameter (100 nm to 100 µm), large surface area, and high porosity. A broad range of polymers can be used as feed materials. Depending on the properties of the polymer used the applications include, but not limited to:

  • biomedicine (tissue engineering)
  • pharma (drug delivery)
  • cleantech (filters, membranes, sensors)
  • energy (electrodes, solar cells, fuel cells)
  • food (packaging material, films)
  • chemical engineering (carbon nanotubes, catalysts)

Why work with us:
We are not just electrospinning R&D company, although we do make our own machines from scratch. We are PhDs in chemistry and technology thus specifically underpinning the processes for your needs and applications. We spent 8 recent years researching and applying electrospinning to multiple solutions, thus having unique expertise that goes beyond simple fibre fabrication.

Volatile innovation has received support from the Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology in cooperation with Kaunas University of Technology for the further development of 3D fibre printing technology.

The total budget for the one and a half year project is EUR 100 000, to be completed in June of 2020.

The idea of the project involves development and prototyping of 3D fibre printing technology, resulting into market ready printer prototype. The project will enable installing 2D fibre printing technology based on electrospinning process to a 3D printer, testing operating ranges of parameters and obtained structures, automating the device, creating user interface and industrial design, thus preparing for the commercialization and production. The developed prototype will correspond to the Technology Readiness Level No. 7.

For more information about 3D Medical Conference & Expo and registration, please visit https://3dmedicalconference.com/.

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