Expand your knowledge & network

This rapidly developing 3D bioprinting industry raises many questions. Which effects does tissue engineering cause? Which markets are influenced by the growing 3D printing technologies? How much will the production of bioprinted tissues and organs cost? And how quickly can those customized products be manufactured, once the need has been identified? Answerd are given at the 3D Bioprinting Conference.

Why should you attend the next edition?
The 3D Bioprinting Conference will carter to a high profile audience consisting of a wide range of industry professionals, industry stakeholders, end-users, governmental bodies, universities and more.

Key reasons to visit the 3D Bioprinting Conference: 

  • Meet a great amount of suppliers, clients and more in 1 day. 
  • Get up-to-date on the latest industry developments and innovations.
  • Enhance your market intelligence by getting new insights.
  • Develop your technical knowledge.
  • Expand your network. Talk to future new clients, and start new partnerships with other professionals or innovative startups.
  • Learn how other professionals create new solutions, ideas and creative ways to support their business model.
  • Exposure. Spread information about your business, while sharing knowledge.
  • Find out what your competitors are up to and learn ways to better support your own business.
  • New clients. Find companies that need your company’s products and services

Who should attend the next 3D Bioprinting Conference?
Any person who is involved in 3D bioprinting and health related 3D printing. From scientist to researcher, from manufacturer manufacturer to reseller and many more.