“Is there anything more valuable to man than Health?” Socrate

When one is in «good health», it is often difficult to realize how much health is a treasure that we must preserve as long as we are alive. When one is deprived of it, one has the feeling of being completely deprived of freedom.

Writing about 3D printing, we increasingly become aware of the difficulties that men may face when it comes to their physical well-being. However, we are even more delighted to see how the medical profession remedies these difficulties.
This month, this issue offers an overview of 3D printing in the medical sector, a theme that has been enriched through the experiences of some specialists that we thank: Thank you!

These first two paragraphs and the title are taken from the 3D Adept issue on 3D Printing and Healthcare. 3D Adept is media partner of the 3D Medical Conference.

Introduction of the articles
In a domain where innovation saves lives, additive manufacturing is now positioned as a major asset for healthcare professionals. Although it still has a few years before it is adopted by the majority, the first results allowing to create tissues, bones or custom-made prostheses, are sufficient to consider the enormous potential for the public.
To date, the main areas of application that make the most of this technology are: dentistry, orthopedics, medical training, medical research, preparation of surgical procedures, prototyping of medical tools and equipment intended for surgeons, and the design of customized medical equipment.

This paper aims to analyze the contribution of additive manufacturing technology in the medical sector. It will present the integration of this technology in various fields of application in the medical industry, its advantages, but also its limits or points to be improved.

It should be noted that, as part of this dossier, some industry professionals shared their understandings on the subject, as well as their experience with this technology.

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