The Clinician Engineer Hub is partner of the 3D Medical Printing Series

The Clinician Engineer Hub was launched in 2019 in collaboration between clinicians and engineers at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, Imperial College London and King’s College London.
This international hub brings together the clinical and biomedical engineering fields and provides talented medical students and clinicians exposure to the world of biomedical engineering, the challenges doctors face in diagnosing and treating patients and how to potentially solve these issues with cutting edge engineering solutions.

Our Mission
Creating a future generation of clinician engineers.

Our Vision
Provision of biomedical engineering principles to advance the future of healthcare.

Our Values
Creating an inclusive platform for global clinicians.

What We Offer
We offer regular training workshops in the UK and internationally as well as webinars, podcasts and research opportunities. During training workshops, participants will benefit from attending lectures and seminars by leading experts in both fields. All participants will take part in small-group activities with peers and seniors to ensure they develop team working and leadership skills ready for real life working.

The Clinician Engineer Hub allows medical students and clinicians fascinated by disease pathology to understand the current diagnostic and treatment gaps in the clinical field and design effective solutions based on solid engineering principles. It will be revolutionary for your career with the unique opportunity to receive mentorship across world renowned academic centres in the UK and abroad.

One of the members of the Clinician Engineer Hub will be speaking at the conference.

For more information go to the website.

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