Beyond 3D Printing 2022 edition

This post shows an overview of the presentations given during this edition. Some speakers have given permission to watch the presentation and/or download the PDF of the presentation. Click on the right link.

Beyond 3D Printing
Moderator: Pieter Hermans, Jakajima
Banu Köse, Strategy Lead Research, Clinician Engineer Hub / Assistant Professor, Medipol University School of Engineering and Natural Sciences, on 'Building A Common Language Between Engineers and Clinicians for Healthcare System Innovation', Read more
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Ernst Jan Louwers, Founding partner, Louwers IP|Technology Advocaten, on 'Enabling collaborative innovation', Read more
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Arie Platschorre, Director, Technical Sales, SIMULIA, Dassault Systèmes, on 'Meeting the Process Challenges of Delivering New Therapeutics', Read more
Bart Verreydt, Chief Commercial Officer, Iristick, on 'Smart Glasses for medical applications', on 'How Extended reality (XR) and Smart Glasses can help advance healthcare', Read more
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Ger Janssen, Principal Scientist, Philips thought leader patient digital twin, Philips, on 'The value and use of patient digital twin in healthcare', Read more

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This conference is part of the 3D Medical Printing Series. Other topics during this series are 3D Bioprinting, 3D Medtech Printing, 3D Dental Printing and Beyond 3D Printing.

Reshaping Electronics for Healthcare sector

Sustainability and health are two of the global challenges recognized by UN. Electronics is the pillar that supports the innovation in these sectors. However, current electronic components are non-biodegradable and release toxins in environment, while the implanted electronics is not compatible with soft human tissues. The aim of my research is to overcome these challenges through i) development of novel electronic material library, and ii) next-generation devices with new form factors.

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From Scaffold Design to Control Stem Cell Fate to Bioprinting

Organs are complex systems, comprised of different tissues, proteins, and cells, which communicate to orchestrate a myriad of functions in our bodies. Technologies are needed to replicate these structures towards the development of new therapies for tissue and organ repair, as well as for in vitro 3D models to better understand the morphogenetic biological processes that drive organogenesis.

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Enabling collaborative innovation

New technologies like bioprinting, predictive analysis and 3D printing of medical devices, braces etc. may lead to shifting positions and responsibilities. Players like hospitals and doctors may turn into factories but do not realise their changed position. Ernst-Jan Louwers will discuss the rules of the game in the highly regulated medical market, paradigm shifts and concerns in supply chain, warranties, liabilities and IP.

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3D printing tablets for individual pediatric patients: development of furosemide and sildenafil tablets

A clear unmet medical need exists for pediatric-centered drug formulations. Currently, it is often still necessary to either manipulate a marketed drug before it can be administered to a child, or to prepare an extemporaneous preparation by the pharmacist. As a highly flexible production technique, 3D printing can provide in this unmet need.

In this presentation, the product development of two active pharmaceutical ingredients, namely furosemide and sildenafil, will be presented.

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From cells to 3D tissues: Creating complex 3D tissue models using CELLINKs technologies

In this presentation, we will discuss how 3D bioprinting technologies enable the fabrication of more reliable tissue models, which have wide application, including the development and validation of the efficacy of pharmaceutical products, screening of drug therapies and understanding of tissue development and oncology processes.

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The value and use of patient digital twin in healthcare

Patient digital twins offer great opportunities in healthcare. After explaining the concept, several impactful practical examples showing the current status will be shared, plus an outlook on future exciting and impactful developments. A presentation by Ger Janssen, Head of the AI, Data Science & Digital twin department (a.i.); thought leader patient digital twin at Philips.

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Enabling Novel Pharmaceutical Therapies through 3D-Printing

Aprecia continues its leadership position in the pharmaceutical application of 3D-Printing. Aprecia will be launching its two new platforms later this year that will provide additional benefits in early development FIH clinical as well as small and large scale commercial production. In this presentation, Aprecia will discuss the flexibility and precision these platform provide in delivering novel products to the market.

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