Mikrocentrum is partner of the 3D Medical Printing Series

Mikrocentrum is an independent knowledge and network organization, and has been supporting the technical manufacturing industry for over 50 years with Training, Events and Networking. We offer over 170 (technical) courses and annually organize 6 trade fairs, 5 business events and 15 thematic events. In addition to these activities, we offer companies a membership of the High Tech Platform, which now consists of 600 members. In all our activities, the aim is to increase knowledge, expand networks, improve business processes and to strengthen the competitive position of companies. We do this by working closely with a large network of industrial organizations, (semi) governments, knowledge and educational institutions.

Together we create the technology of the future

The global dynamics of the high-tech and manufacturing industry are making ever greater demands on the knowledge and skills of companies and its employees. In the future, the Dutch and Belgian industry will increasingly distinguish itself in the development of high-quality new products and through effective and efficient production processes. Product development will therefore take place in a more multifunctional and disciplinary manner. The demand for a higher level of employees is increasing and so is the social innovation to deliver top performance as a team. Mikrocentrum supports companies in their journey to the technology of the future. We want to achieve this by being the meeting place for the high-tech and manufacturing industry, helping them to meet the right people at the right time and thinking along and ahead about how to develop and share knowledge.


Since 1968, Mikrocentrum has been supporting companies from the technical manufacturing industry in training employees. We therefore offer a suitable course for almost everyone within technology and industry. With over 170 practice-oriented courses, training and workshops, both at intermediate, higher and academic level, Mikrocentrum covers a wide spectrum of technological fields: from (new) technology, process optimization, quality management and technical project management to personal skills.


For over 30 years, Mikrocentrum organizes a wide range of trade fairs, business events and thematic events with a focus on technology. Sharing knowledge, showing the latest innovations and developments and connecting professionals are key factors within all our events. This unique combination offers you an efficient and accessible way to display the latest technological developments and innovations, to expand your network, but also to exchange experiences.


Founded in 1982, the Mikrocentrum High Tech Platform is a network collective for entrepreneurs and companies from the technical manufacturing industry. The goal: to inspire, connect and to share knowledge. With 600 member companies, the High Tech Platform annually offers 11 exclusive network events such as Meet & Matches, knowledge sessions and company visits. The High Tech Platform also offers their member extra exposure through the (online) company guide, on social media and with extra visibility at Mikrocentrum events.

The 3D Medical Printing Series will take place at Mikcrocentrum.

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