Presentations ’16

Below you can download the presentations of the 3D Bioprinting Conference & 3D Dental Printing Conference in .pdf file.

Note: Some of the speakers did not allow us to publish their presentations.

3D Bioprinting Conference

Morning program

Dirk-Jan Cornelissen, PhD Student, Heriot Watt University, about “Biofabrication: Print your heart out”, Download presentation

Afternoon program

Lea Pourchet, University of Lyon, about “Skin equivalent through bioprinting”, Download presentation

Mathias Klümper, Partner, Lützeler Klümper Rechtsanwälte, about “3D Bioprinting and its legal challenges”, Download presentation

Christian Grandfils, Professor – Director of Interfacultary Research Center of Biomaterials (CEIB), University of Liège, about “Tailored made degradable synthetic polymers for 3D (bio)printing”, Download presentation

José Manual Baena, CEO, Regemat3D, about “REGEMAT 3D bioprinting for cartilage regeneration and much more”, Download presentation

Sascha Schwarz, CANTER – Center for Applied Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, about “Introduction of an open-source, multi-material bioprinting platform”, Download presentation

3D Dental Printing Conference

Morning program

Mostafa Ezeldeen, Consultant Pediatric Dentistryt, UZ Leuven / Doctorandus, KU Leuven, OMFS-IMPATH research group, about “3D Planning for Tooth Autotransplantation and 3D Printing of Surgical Templates”, Download presentation

Daan Brons, 3D InnovationLab, VUmc, about “Challenges of 3D printed drill guides in dental implantology”, Download presentation

Afternoon program

Alex Denoon, Partner, Denoon Legal, about “Overview of the regulatory framework for 3D printed dental implants”, Download presentation