Presentations to download – 3D Medical Conference Italy 2019 – Day 2

Professor Luigi Marano, Professor Of Surgery, University of Siena, Italy, on ‘From digital to real: 3D printed model as new tool for modern general surgeons’, Download presentation

Professor Fransesco Puma, Toracic Surgery, University of Perugia, Italy, on ‘The possible role of 3D computed tomography models in Thoracic Surgery’, Read more.

Limor Haviv, Surgical 3D Printing Designer, 3D.4.OP, Israel, on “The role of in-house surgical 3D printing hubs in hospital”, Read more

Patrick Mehmert, Product Manager Additive Manufacturing, simufact engineering GmbH, Germany, on ‘Simulation of Additive Manufacturing for medical applications – Current capabilities, benefits and open challenges’, Read more;–

Anastasia Zakharyuta Post-Doctoral Researcher, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma, Germany, on ‘Inkjet-printed “Mini-Pills” for preclinical studies’, Download presentation

Gaël Volpi, CEO, 3D Medlab, France, on “Maxillar reconstruction, design , simulation and printing of porouse titanium implant”, Read more

Barry Kolenaar, Maxillofacial surgeon, head and neck surgical oncologist, Medisch Spectrum Twente, The Netherlands

Nicholas Jacobson, Design Researcher, University of Colorado Denver USA, on “3D Printing in Surgery and Voxel Printing”, Read more

Carmelo Puglisi, Medical Doctor – Radiologist, Arnas Garibaldi Catania, Italy, on
3D printing in Medicine. A new competence of Radiology?
3D Printing e medicina, una nuova competenza per la Radiologia?
Read more

Elena Reznikova, AM Applications Engineer, Apium Additive Technologies GmbH, Germany, on ‘Possibilities and Limitations of the Material Extrusion 3D Printing Technology in the Medical Sector’ ,

Jacopo Cardinali, System, Product and Service Designer, ISIA Roma, Valentina Militi, System, Product and Service Designer, Dr. Valentino Borghetti, Head of Heart Surgery at S. Maria Hospital in Terni (Umbria), Dr. of Veterinary Medicine Roberto Falcini, specialized in veterinary heart surgery and founder of, on “MITRALFIT – Canin Transapical MVR System”, Read more