For the 3D Medical Conference program the following speakers have confirmed to speak at the conference.
More speakers will be added soon, so please check for updates!
Conference hours are 9:00 – 18:00.

Day 1, 30 January 2018

SESSION 3D Bioprinting / 3D Biomaterials SESSION 3D Dental Printing
fabien guillemot program Fabien Guillemot, CEO & Founder, Poietis, France on ‘Bioprinting for cosmetics and pharma’ poietis program Rik Jacobs 3D Medical Conference program Rik Jacobs, General Manager, Dental, 3D Systems logo 3dsystems 3D Medical Conference program
böstjan vihar Boštjan Vihar, Head of Biolab at Institute IRNAS, Slovenia, on “Open-source 3D bioprinting for scientific and industrial solutions”, More information irnas reinhilde jacobs 3D Medical Conference program Reinhilde Jacobs, Professor and Head, Oral Imaging Center, KU Leuven, Belgium ku leuven
matthew baker Matthew Baker, Assistant Professor, MERLN Institute for Technology-Inspired Regenerative Medicine Maastricht University, The Netherlands, on ‘Biomaterials’ Prof. dr. Constantinus Politis, Head of the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, KU Leuven, Belgium ku leuven
bryce nelson Bryce Nelson, Head of Materials Science, MilliporeSigma (a business of Merck KGaA), Germany, on ‘bioink formulations for use in 3D Bioprinting’ Speakers to be announced
 Tamer Mohamed program Tamer Mohamed, President & CEO, Aspect Biosystems Ltd., Canada aspect biosystems program
giovanni vozzi program Professor Giovanni Vozzi, Research Center “E.Piaggio”, University of Pisa, Italy piaggio program

Day 2, 31 January 2018

click here for the Health Tech Event program
SESSION 3D Medtech Printing SESSION 3D Medicine / Pharmaceutics Printing
sonja voorn Sonja Voorn, Teacher Engineering Physics, Fontys University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands riley reese Riley Reese, Innovation Program Manager, TNO, The Netherlands, on ‘How food and pharma 3D printing come together’ tno
Markus Kleemann Markus Kleemann, Professor University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein-Campus Lübeck, Germany, on ‘3D- Models of the aorta for endovascular training’, More information tobias gantner Tobias Gantner, Managing Director, HealthCare Futurists, Germany, on “From Lab to Life. How Digital Production of Medicines could finally reach the patient”, More information HealthCare Futurists
Roman Plaghki, Design Engineer, Materialise, Belgium, on ‘Designing 3D scanning and measuring devices needed to enable mass-customization for medical devices class 1’ materialise Natalja Genina Natalja Genina, Assistant Professor, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, on ‘Social aspects in additive manufacturing of pharmaceutical products’ university of Copenhagen
Ivanov, Eugene 3D Medical Conference program Eugene Ivanov, Chief Technology Officer, Tosoh SMD, USA tosoh smd Senping Cheng 3D Medical Conference program Senping Cheng, CEO, Triastek, Inc., China, on “Application of 3D printing technology in dosage form design and drug delivery”, More information
Philippe Guedon program Philippe Guedon, CEO, Wise Implants, France, More information 3D Medical Conference program Anastasia Zakharyuta Anastasia Zakharyuta, Postdoc, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma, Germany, on “Inkjet-printed pharmaceutical formulations for preclinical studies”, More information
Veerle Creylman program Veerle Creylman, researcher MOBILAB – lecturer Thomas More, Belgium Mobilab wiebke kempin program Wiebke Kempin, PhD Student, Pharmaceutical Technology, University of Greifswald, Germany universitä Greifswald program
Click here for the Health Tech Event program, which takes place in parallel at MECC

Do you have an interesting and enthusiastic presentation about one of the topics of the conference? We invite you to take a look at our Call for speakers.

Focus topics:

Previous editions contained the following topics: 3D Bioprinting, 3D Dental Printing, 3D Medtech Printing, 3D Pharmaceutical Printing, for the current edition the topics are extended to:

  • Medical applications with Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality
  • 3D Bio Printing
  • 3D Dental Printing
  • 3D Medtech Printing
  • 3D Medicine & Pharmaceutics Printing
  • 3D Medical & Dental Scanning
  • 3D Medical & Dental Software
  • 3D Medical (Bio)Materials
  • 3D Medical Workflow & Planning Tools
  • Legal and Regulatory issues regarding 3D Medical printing applications

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