3D Food printing for better eating

by Antien Zuidberg, HAS Hogeschool

The presentation will be about the possible solution that 3D food printing can bring in caring homes and hospitals, for people who have dysfagia. Tests were done to see how the heating would effect the product after printing, and also effect of heating was tested on a moulded product versus a 3D food printed product.

After developing recipes and forms, a first test was performed during one week to find out how the person would react to 3D printed food and whether meals formed by 3D food printing could entice a test person to eat more food. We will share out findings so far, and further testing is planned for 2020.

program: https://3dmedicalconference.com/program/


What drives you?
My mission as a professor of practice is to a) achieve improved market success for meaningful agrofood innovations , b) to stimulate the use of design methods in agrofood and c) to design simple tools for students, teachers and enterprises in agrofood.

Why should the delegate attend your presentation?
To find out the latest on 3D food printing, on real subjects.

“Special quote”
Is 3D food printing a radical innovation or just an automatic piping bag?

About Antien Zuidberg

My work is all about giving inspiration in the field of design methods (methods leading to the design of a food concept design on the market) in agri-food, responsible for the planning of new research areas, acquisition of subsidies for research, giving lectures to students, tutoring students in bachelor thesis project and master thesis projects, creating networks with partnering companies and colleagues in the field, writing articles, etc.

About HAS Hogeschool

HAS Hogeschool is a University of Applied Science in the field of Agriculture, Food and Living Environment. About 4000 students and 2 locations. For more information see the website www.has.nl

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