3D printing: when a disruptive technology meets the legal perspective – Stampa 3D: quando una tecnologia dirompente incontra la prospettiva legale

by Licia Garotti, Partner of the law firm Gattai, Minoli, Agostinelli & Partners

The 3D printing has been acclaimed as a disruptive technology, which is changing the scenario in many different sectors.

The most revolutionary implementation has been developed in life science and healthcare, leading to legal implications which are far from ordinary.

From the responsibility arising from the use of product obtained with 3d print, to commercial and data protection features, touching the aspects of intellectual property, a state of the art of the mostly relevant legal profiles will take shape.

La stampa 3D è stata accolta come una tecnologia particolarmente dirompente, cambiando modalità e paradigmi nei settori più diversi.

L’implementazione più rivoluzionaria si è vista (e certamente si vedrà) nel settore del life science e del Healthcare. Le implicazioni sotto una prospettiva legale non sono banali.

Dai profili della responsabilità derivante dall’uso del prodotto ottenuto attraverso la manifattura additiva agli aspetti commerciali e di protezioni dei dati fino all’analisi degli aspetti legati alla proprietà intellettuale, si andrà a fornire un quadro attuale dei profili legali maggiormente rilevanti.

Program: https://3dmedicalconference.com/program/

Note: Live translation from English into Italian will be available at the location.
Nota Bene: all’evento sarà disponibile il servizio di traduzione simultanea italiano-inglese, inglese-italiano.

About Licia Garotti

Partner of the law firm Gattai, Minoli, Agostinelli & Partners, Licia heads the Intellectual Property and Technology Law Department.

Awarded by Legalcommunity as “Trademarks and Patents practitioner of the Year 2018”, Licia is a leading professional in patent and IP/IT litigation, as well as in the assistance related to intellectual property rights development, license and assignment agreements, including ICT agreements also in the field of Fintech and AI.

She deals with domestic and cross-border litigation relating to patents and know-how, software and IT platforms, design, trademarks and distinctive signs.

Honorary member of the San Marino Innovation blockchain scientific committee, she is recognized as a professional with “a profound knowledge of software and related technical problems” (LegalCommunity IP & TMT report 2017).

Licia is the author of the Italian section of The Patent Litigation Law Review published by The Law Review and is a speaker at several conferences worldwide.

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