A novel 3D printing platform and materials for bone scaffolds

by Alessandro Patelli, University of Padova

The presentation will cover the developments of the H2020 FAST project focused on the development of a novel 3D printer able to perform gradients while printing and at the same time to functionalize the surface by atmospheric pressure plasma. Coatings and novel nano composites materials based on PEOT/PBT will be presented.

Program: https://3dmedicalconference.com/program/

About Alessandro Patelli

PhD in Materials Science with more than 15 years experience in surface engineering and materials science. The working experience can be divided mainly in 3 periods.
During the first period (1999-2004) I worked for public research institutions. My activity focused on scientific research on PVD magnetron sputtering technique, the correlation between the deposition parameters and the film growth at the nanoscale, and the use and implementation of various characterisation techniques also by synchrotron radiation.

During the second period (2004-2015) I worked in technology transfer centers at first at the Coordinamento InterUniversitario Veneto per le Nanotecnologie (CIVEN) and later on at Veneto Nanotech SCpA. The activity involved the management of the Plasma Technology Unit as well as the coordination of the applied research of the group.

Due to private commitments and partnership with industries in different projects it has been possible to develop a wide range of processes and equipment that resulted in several successful proof-of-concepts. I’ve been coordinator of several National and Regional funded projects. Moreover, I’ve increased my expertise in group leading, team leading, project management, marketing and relationship with customers.

During this second period the strong interaction with the industrial fields gave me the opportunity to set two start-up companies. In particular Nadir srl (founded in 2008) is commercialising atmospheric plasma devices and it still active.

Now in 2016 I’m back to the academic career at the University of Padova focusing on plasma and nanostructures.

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