Microgel Technology to Advance Modular Tissue Engineering – Presented by Tom Kamperman, IamFluidics

Microgel Technology to Advance Modular Tissue Engineering – Presented by Tom Kamperman, IamFluidics

Native tissues are characterized by a complex multiscale hierarchical design. Recapitulating such complexity using a modular tissue engineering approach requires the integration of micromanufacturing techniques.

Here, I present microfluidic platforms for the production of single- and multi-cell-laden hydrogel microparticles (i.e. microgels) that act as modular tissue engineering building blocks.

These building blocks can be endowed with in situ tunable biomechanical and biochemical properties to enable spatiotemporal tailoring of the cellular microenvironment.

Furthermore, I present technological innovations that enable the facile biofabrication of modular tissue constructs based on cell-laden microgels.

To aid clinical translation, I have established a novel platform technology called ‘in-air microfluidics’, which enables the chip-free production of monodisperse emulsions, suspensions, and 3D modular tissue constructs at production rates compatible with clinical and industrial applications.

About Tom Kamperman
Tom is an entrepreneurial biomedical engineer with strong background in microfluidics, tissue engineering, and enabling (micro)technologies. He has vast experience in leveraging droplet microfluidics and injectable hydrogel technology for (single) cell encapsulation and 3D (stem) cell culture. Tom has also expertise in clinical and industrial translation of micromanufacturing and biofabrication technologies.

About IamFluidics B.V.
IamFluidics focuses on the commercialization of ‘in-air microfluidics’ (IAMF), which is a novel technology for the production of monodisperse microdroplets and -particles. IAMF is a patent-pending chip-free method that is at least 100x faster than conventional droplet microfluidics. Therefore, IAMF is a disruptive innovation that enables the application of microfluidics-based processes at clinical and Industrial scale.

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