Nils Broeckx, Dewallens & Partners, will speak at the 3D Medical Printing Conference

Nils Broeckx, Dewallens & Partners, will speak at the 3D Medical Printing Conference, which will take place on 30-31 January 2018 at MECC Maastricht, The Netherlands.

About Nils Broeckx
Nils Broeckx studied law at the UAntwerpen (University of Antwerp) (2010 magna cum laude). In 2016 he obtained a doctoral degree at the UAntwerpen with a thesis headed “Orgaantransplantatie. Een juridische analyse”(Organ transplantation. A legal analysis) at the same university. This doctoral thesis was awarded the biennial Scientific Prize for Health Law André Prims.

Since 2016 Nils has joined Dewallens & partners law firm. Nils has a broad interest in health law and has expertise in the legal framework of bodily material and medical devices, in data protection and in medical liability.

Since June 2016 Nils is a member of the ethics committee of AZ Klina in Brasschaat. Since October 2017 Nils is visiting professor at the Antwerp Liability Law and Insurance Chair (UAntwerpen).

About Dewallens & Partners
Dewallens & partners is a specialized law firm operating exclusively in healthcare. We combine knowledge in the dynamics of healthcare with state-of-the-art legal expertise. Our clients therefore can take position in healthcare faster and better than others in a context where network governance, shared health information and on-line caring communities have become inevitable.

3D Medical Printing ConferenceAbout 3D Medical Conference
On January 30-31, 2018, MECC Maastricht, The Netherlands, will host a two-day event focused on 3D Medical Printing. Each day has different topics.

Day 1, Jan 30:

Day 2, Jan 31:

The audience, a mix of academics, medical professionals, business, technology, regulation and creatives, will get an excellent overview and insight in the medical tech developments from different perspectives.

Combination tickets are available and can be purchased on any of the conference websites

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