Open-source 3D bioprinting for scientific and industrial solutions – Presented by Bostjan Vihar, IRNAS

Open-source 3D bioprinting for scientific and industrial solutions – Presented by Bostjan Vihar, IRNAS at the 3D Medical Conference 2018 , which will take place on 30-31 January 2018 at MECC Maastricht, The Netherlands.

While increasing availability of 3D bioprinters has substantially improved the use of 3D biofabrication in tissue engineering, technical limitations still prevent successful fabrication of complex tissues and other applications. Custom-designed materials are being developed, which can be difficult to print with generic solutions (lack of polymerization control, clogging, etc.). A possible solution could be the codevelopment of technology with the materials. Using open-source philosophy and available sharing platforms, this allows collaborative design with rapid development of ‘future-proof’ solutions, which can be modified and adapted for specific applications, e.g. perfusable hydrogel scaffolds, integrated electrospinning, etc.

About Bostjan Vihar
Boštjan is a Biomimmeticist with a PhD in Biology from RWTH Aachen University. As an undergraduate he focused on studying Animal Physiology and later Neurobiology and Bionics/biomimmetics. While doing research at the Institute for Cellular and Neurobionics in Aachen he gained experience in various analytical methods and lab management. 2014-15 he furthered his skills as a research assistant at the Institute for Biomedical Mechatronics, JKU Linz. Since February 2016 he is head of the biolaboratory at Institute IRNAS, working on open and accessible solutions for biological and biomedical research, using low cost and DIY, yet high-end research equipment.

About Institute IRNAS
We strive to apply the vast scientific knowledge to everyday reality by creating effective and affordable systems. We believe in an open-source world and sharing. We aim to empower the world with technologies that improve lives, let that be an advanced communication system or a simple everyday utensil. We are non-profit, rewarding the ones that create, always exploring new projects and ideas.

3D Medical Printing ConferenceAbout 3D Medical Conference
On January 30-31, 2018, MECC Maastricht, The Netherlands, will host a two-day event focused on 3D Medical Printing. Each day has different topics.

Day 1, Jan 30:

Day 2, Jan 31:

The audience, a mix of academics, medical professionals, business, technology, regulation and creatives, will get an excellent overview and insight in the medical tech developments from different perspectives.

Combination tickets are available and can be purchased on any of the conference websites.


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