Simulation of Additive Manufacturing for medical applications – Current capabilities, benefits and open challenges

by Patrick Mehmert, Product Manager Additive Manufacturing, Simufact Engineering GmbH

Simulation of additive manufacturing processes gets more and more powerful and widespread in industrial applications. Also for medical applications the simulation of the production before the real print offers valuable benefits. Manufacturing problems can be identified in advance and countermeasures developed before a print fails. For geometrical critical applications the distortion prediction and compensation is very helpful.

Nevertheless medical applications have some different requirements than other industrial applications. Therefore still some challenges exist to make additive manufacturing simulation a standard in the medical industry.



What drives you?
To enable cost and time efficient AM applications at high quality by using manufacturing simulation.

Why should the delegate attend your presentation?
To learn about the capabilities of manufacturing simulation and how it could help his company and their customers. To discuss special yet unsolved requirements for medical applications.

What emerging technologies/trends do you see as having the greatest potential in the short and long run?
Using more different technologies for AM dependent on the end applications, e.g. Binder Jetting or Direct Deposition additional to Powder Bed Fusion technologies. Integration in automized and controlled industry 4.0 environments.

What kind of impact do you expect them to have?
A wider and more common use of additive manufacturing.

What are the barriers that might stand in the way?
A lack of experience in understanding the possibilities, challenges and limitations of AM technologies.

“Special Quote”
Don’t just optimize your geometry – optimize your print! – by Additive Manufacturing simulation.

About Patrick Mehmert

Studied technical mathematics at the Technical University of Clausthal. After that a short excursion into apparatus manufacturing made of special metals followed. Then entered the field of simulation and analysis engineering services focused on aerospace applications. Gathered more than 10 years of experience in different positions from project engineer via project manager, team manager, head of CAE up to plant manager. Joined Simufact in 2015 to become Product Manager for Additive Manufacturing Simulation.

About Simufact Engineering

Simufact Engineering – an MSC Software company – is a global operating software company providing process simulation products and services to manufacturing industries.

Today, after nearly 25 years of developing and supporting simulation solutions for the design and optimization of manufacturing techniques in metal processing, the Hamburg (Germany) headquartered company has established as one of the leaders in this business area.

Simufact succeeds in extending its global market share backed up by a dynamically growing customer base exceeding a number of 800 customers. A strong and continuously growing network composed of local offices and channel partners ensures global support.

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