Turning your upperjaw into a mouthguard

Arno Hermans

by Arno Hermans, 3Dmouthguard

3Dmouthguard improves the way athletes enjoy their favorite sport by using cutting edge technology to produce sports apparel. With its new AM technique, combined with the 3D filament material characteristics, 3Dmouthguard completely automates and digitizes the process of producing customized mouthguards and print them instantly. Discover the world’s first 3Dprinted sportsguard.

program: https://3dmedicalconference.com/program/

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Arno Hermans, Start-up 3D dental innovator, Will Speak about 3Dmouthguard

New technologies makes it possible to 3D print sports products. 3Dmouthguard provides tailor-made mouthguards for sports such as basketball, boxing, field hockey, rugby, etc. As a StartUp, 3Dmouthguard researches the print technology, the customer process and the partner involvement for this dental product. Continue reading “Arno Hermans, Start-up 3D dental innovator, Will Speak about 3Dmouthguard”