Danny Cabrera, BioBots, Presents: “Standard Tools for Biology”

Biology is the most sophisticated manufacturing technology that we know of. If we could control life, we could cure disease, eliminate the organ waiting list, revert climate change and push life to other planets. However, our ability to engineer living systems has been restricted by the lack of standard tools that exist for manipulating biology. BioBots has addressed this need by creating a standard suite of digital biofabrication tools. Together with our partners and clients, we are blending biology with robotics and reimagining the modern laboratory, pushing the human race forward. Continue reading “Danny Cabrera, BioBots, Presents: “Standard Tools for Biology””

BioBots Announces Beta-Testing of Desktop 3D Bioprinter

Well-financed corporations are no strangers to research, with nearly every large company even housing their own research and development departments.  And seeing such businesses partner with research institutions is common, too.  For instance, Organovo, the only publicly traded bioprinting company, is founded on R&D as it explores the possibilities of 3D printing human tissues.  Consequently, Organovo has partnered with schools like Yale to take its research further. But what if a service or retail shop were to do the same thing? Continue reading “BioBots Announces Beta-Testing of Desktop 3D Bioprinter”