3D Guided Endodontics

Guided Endodontics

by Andres Torres, Endodontic specialist, KU Leuven (OMFS-IMPATH), Belgium

This presentation will focus on the latest techniques used in endodontics to achieve success even in the most difficult cases helped by 3D design and printing technologies.
In this method, a digital impression of the patient’s jaw is taken and registered to the data from a CBCT scan. Then, a path for the treatment is created up to the target location on the CBCT scan. Finally, a guide for the bur being used during treatment is designed by means of a computer-aided design (CAD) software and printed using a 3D printer.
The concept of 3D Guided endodontics is becoming a valuable tool among clinicians as it seems to be a promising technique offering a higher predictable outcome and lower risk of iatrogenic damage. Minimally invasive treatment can be performed, and chair-side time can be reduced.

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Materialise announce pre-market phase of development for mitral valve planning


Materialise announce pre-market phase of development for mitral valve planning

Mitral regurgitation affects more than 4 million Americans – nearly one in 10 people aged 75 or older. Currently the primary option for the disease is open-heart surgery, which holds extremely high risks for patients in this age group and can prevent treatment in many cases. Non-invasive methods are entering the market to address this need and physicians are recognizing the importance of pre-surgical planning for this complex disease. Entering their pre-market phase of development, Materialise is working with select U.S. and EU hospital partners to validate the importance of accurate 3D modeling to help physicians plan complex transcatheter mitral valve replacement & repair (TMVR/r) procedures.

The pre-market phase will assess the importance of accurate 3D modeling for robust, repeatable patient planning. Materialise has partnered with Henry Ford Health Systems to bring Henry Ford’s validated, patented, mitral planning workflow, developed in Materialise’s Mimics Innovation Suite to a broader TMVR Market. Continue reading “Materialise announce pre-market phase of development for mitral valve planning”