Beyond 3D Printing 2022 edition

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Beyond 3D Printing
Moderator: Pieter Hermans, Jakajima
Banu Köse, Strategy Lead Research, Clinician Engineer Hub / Assistant Professor, Medipol University School of Engineering and Natural Sciences, on 'Building A Common Language Between Engineers and Clinicians for Healthcare System Innovation', Read more
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Ernst Jan Louwers, Founding partner, Louwers IP|Technology Advocaten, on 'Enabling collaborative innovation', Read more
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Arie Platschorre, Director, Technical Sales, SIMULIA, Dassault Systèmes, on 'Meeting the Process Challenges of Delivering New Therapeutics', Read more
Bart Verreydt, Chief Commercial Officer, Iristick, on 'Smart Glasses for medical applications', on 'How Extended reality (XR) and Smart Glasses can help advance healthcare', Read more
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Ger Janssen, Principal Scientist, Philips thought leader patient digital twin, Philips, on 'The value and use of patient digital twin in healthcare', Read more

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This conference is part of the 3D Medical Printing Series. Other topics during this series are 3D Bioprinting, 3D Medtech Printing, 3D Dental Printing and Beyond 3D Printing.

3D Printing in Hospitals


3D printing already has many applications in hospitals and medicine. But what does it actually mean for the hospital? It’s not just as simple as ordering a 3D printer and that’s it, you can start using it in the operating room.

It is a cross-sector multi-disciplinary complex situation, involving both medical and technical fields – design, new workflows, working with other professionals from different fields and more.

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