3D printing and programming genetically engineered bacteria

genetically engineered bacteria

Wearable tech is the name given to smart electronic devices that can be worn or implanted in the body. An enticing opportunity for innovative tech developers in sports, health, fashion and entertainment, 3D printing is revealing new possibilities for wearable tech such as electronic second skins, and smart fabrics.

In the latest research from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), a team has developed a “living” 3D printer bio-ink that’s not only smart but could change the way we think about technology altogether. Harnessing natural reactions of bacteria, responsive devices made using this smart ink represent the basic build blocks of electricity-free wearable tech.

Made by members of the same team that made the soft-robotic, fish-catching glove, this 3D printable bio-ink adds to an extensive portfolio of smart materials in development at MIT. Continue reading “3D printing and programming genetically engineered bacteria”