In-house manufactured PEEK cranioplasty implants – initial experience from Skåne University Hospital

Point of care produced implants hold great promise to improve patient care. Skåne University Hospital has recently implanted the first 3D printed implants that have been designed and manufactured on site. As far as we know this is the first time in the world where the entire process from scanning, design, manufacture, and post-processing are performed solely at the point-of-care and by the hospital.

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Rational design for 3D printable spinal orthoses

Nowadays, we see 3D printing technologies emerging in the healthcare system through the generation of 3D Labs in hospitals that have been shown important to improve patient care. By giving physicians the autonomy to use 3D technologies, it allows them to design and deliver personalized solutions that, for critical cases, best fit the patient’s needs. However, it is still missing a way to deliver such solutions in an integrated and streamlined way.
This presentation will show you how do we, in the 3DMED project, developed a structured workflow to integrate digital 3D printing technologies applied to the design and manufacturing of scoliosis braces.

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3D Point-of-Care: What, Why and How


duo presentation by

hospitalsSimon Vanooteghem, 3D Printing in Healthcare – Business Development, Materialise

maaike koenrades& Maaike Koenrades, Project Lead 3D Lab & Technical Physician, Medisch Spectrum Twente

Over the past 20 years, 3D Printing has emerged as a disruptive technology in the healthcare field — it’s been used to create custom devices and instruments, plan complex medical procedures, and to better train future medical professionals. As the accessibility to the technology increases, hospitals are beginning to adopt 3D printing programs within their own institutions, aiming to reduce lead times for 3D-printed models and to build knowledge internally.

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3D printing to produce made-to-measure insoles

Using the system being developed by FDM Digital Solutions, hospitals will be able to scan a patient’s foot shape and email it to the company,which will then print and deliver insoles to the exact specification within as little as 48 hours. The process will replace the traditional hand-made techniques and could revolutionise the way the NHS buys orthotics and other products. Continue reading “3D printing to produce made-to-measure insoles”