Inkjet-printed “Mini-Pills” for preclinical studies

Anastasia Zakharyuta

by Anastasia Zakharyuta, Post-Doctoral Researcher, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GMBH Co & KG

This presentation will focus on the development of formulations for pre-clinical studies is attempted in two different forms, namely basic and complex release solid dosage formulations. The former dosage is aimed to provide an alternative to suspensions, as to minimize variability by improving stability and repeatability of the routine formulations.

The latter provides the complex formulations at the early stage of rodent studies, by combining different formulation mechanisms. The different design for such formulations is feasible with regard to the desired release profile and administration route.

Herein, printing procedures are established for solid dosage fabrication, through incorporation of a number of low molecular weight biodegradable polymers via piezo-actuated inkjet printing.

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