Dental Multi Material 3D Jetting

multi material

by Kateryna Filippovych, Process lead, Océ, a Canon company

Imagine 3D printed full color artificial teeth for permanent use. Why not? This question we asked ourselves two years ago. And our scientific curiosity resulted in first multi material and -color 3D jetted tooth model.
Driving vision is to bring dentistry on a new level of multi-material and colourful 3D printing.
This presentation will provide some insights on the unique jetting possibilities of biocompatible dental resins in combination with 3D workflow software.

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3D printing a new jaw

A Syrian man, whose face was blown off in civil war, receives 3D printed jaw implant – the miracles of modern medical device development. As he stood on a Syrian street in his civil war-ravaged country, a 23-year-old man was suddenly dropped to the ground as a rifle round shattered his lower jaw and blew his teeth to bits. Continue reading “3D printing a new jaw”