Utrecht3DMedical – 3D Bioprinting Lab in Utrecht

The city of Utrecht in Netherland is already famous for the outstanding achievements made by the tissue factory subordinated to the University Medical Center Utrecht to a great extent. This tissue factory has recently accomplished the 3D bioprinted rabbit shoulder implantation experiment. Now, this city is attracting more biologic printing institutions. With the cooperation of the University Medical Center Utrecht, Hogeschool Utrecht and ProtoSpace Fund, a new bioprinting lab Utrecht3DMedical is established. Continue reading “Utrecht3DMedical – 3D Bioprinting Lab in Utrecht”

3D Technology Shows its Best Potential in Medicine

Nowadays, 3D technology is applied in many fields, from industrial production, through fashion, to the food industry. It is in medicine, however, that 3D technology shows its potential at its best.

At the beginning of 2014, history was made at University Medical Center (UMC) in Utrecht, Netherlands: a skull of a 22-year-old woman was completely replaced by a tailor-made 3D printed plastic skull. The patient was suffering from a condition that thickens the bone structure of the cranium, which causes an increasing pressure of the brain leading to vision loss, motor coordination impairment and, eventually, death. Continue reading “3D Technology Shows its Best Potential in Medicine”