10 Material Revolution 3D Bioprinter from Ourobotics (Video)

Most people in 3D printing are driven by a passion that is hard to describe. In the field of bioprinting this passion and enthusiasm can go even further, possibly because the final reward is actually producing functional, replacement tissues and organs. In other words, creating (or extending) life itself.

Research is moving fast in this field, especially in the low-cost segment, with incredible projects such as the ones from BioBots and CELLINK. Now a new project by Jemma Redmond’s and Stephen Gray’s Ourobotics is taking the bar a little further with a low-cost bioprinter capable of using 10 different materials (and potentially even more) in the same bioprinted structure.

In bioprinting, just like in 3D printing, multi-materiality is one of the biggest hurdles to being able to create functional, complex structures. So four years ago, Jem, who is also an expert in gel materials for bioprinting, set out to approach this challenge.

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Source: 3dprintingindustry.com