£1m funding boosts prospects for 3D-printed organ tissue

Researchers developing 3D-printed living tissue that could help doctors repair damaged organs have received £1m of investment to commercialise the technology.

Oxford University spinout firm OxSyBio has created a 3D printer that produces materials mimicking organ tissues, paving the way for better ways to test drugs and, eventually, structures for use in surgical repair.

The company now plans to include living cells in the tissue-like materials and to refine the printer so it can produce even more complex structures, enabling the creation of living tissue samples.

Prof Hagan Bayley, who leads the group behind the research, said their method of inserting living cells into membrane-covered water droplets, which are then printed to create a three-dimensional structure, would give them an advantage over other efforts to create similar technology. … (Read more)

Source: TheEngineer.uk

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