3D bioprinter that builds living tissues from human cells

BioBot is a 3D bioprinter that builds living tissues from human cells. Krishna Bahirwani speaks to Danny Cabrera, the brain behind, at TedXGateway.

Where does a user get the human cells to print the living tissue?

“We do not supply living cells, these are commercially available from a variety of vendors or obtained directly from patients.”

What inspired you to create the BioBot?

“I am constantly inspired by the beauty, complexity and power of living things. We’re not very good at understanding life and we’re even worse at using it to build amazing things that benefit human beings. We’re changing that at BioBots. The BioBot 1 3D bioprinter is the first product to give biology a digital interface, we are making biology easier to design and engineer. We’re creating a future where we can design living systems with the goal of curing disease, eliminating the organ waiting list, remediating the environment, and living on other planets.”Read more

Source: dnaindia.com