“3D Bioprinting and its legal challenges”, Presented by Mathias Klümper, Lützeler Klümper Rechtsanwälte

This session will provide a practical overview of the legal challenges that go along with 3D bioprinting. There are many pitfalls in 3D printing biotechnological products, e.g. the question who is the legal manufacturer, the nature of the product and the required approvals/authorizations. The presentation will address this issue as well as pros and cons of each decision.

About Mathias Klümper

Mathias focuses on advising clients on compliance and regulatory matters, related advertising and product liability cases, as well as contractual work. He also knows the in-house perspective and has worked as interim GC for both, international pharmaceutical and medical device companies in the past.

About Lützeler Klümper Rechtsanwälte

Lützeler Klümper Rechtsanwälte is a life sciences law firm with a strong focus on advising pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology and diagnostic companies, as well as industry associations. Clients benefit from the extensive working experience in the healthcare and life sciences sector as in-house and outside counsel. The team provides profound and practical advice in day-to-day counselling matters as well as in complex cases.