3D-printed face implant gets FDA approval

The world of 3D printing continues its inevitable march into the land of mainstream medical treatments. FDA gives the nod to a 3D-printed facial implant that can be customized for individual patients in need of facial-reconstruction surgery. 

Oxford Performance Materials made news last year when it created a 3D-printed implant to replace 75 percent of a patient’s skull. The success of that operation laid the groundwork to move on to other bones, culminating in the recent FDA approval of Oxford’s OsteoFab Patient-Specific Facial Device, a customizable implant for facial reconstruction.

The biocompatible implants behave mechanically like real bone. The true revolution here is the ability to create pieces to match an individual patient’s specific anatomy in a way that reduces the overall cost of the complex procedures required to surgically reconstruct a face after injury. The implants can be created very quickly, allowing a patient to get into surgery sooner rather than later. … (Read more)

Source: CNET.com