3D-printed living tumors make a better model for cancer research

A research lab at Drexel University specializing in biofabrication recently used 3D printing to create models of tumor tissue that more closely replicate real tumors than traditional 2D tissue culture, to understand better of how tumors grow, and importantly, how they die.

It’s already known that tumors in the body vary from lab-grown tissue in their amount of surface area, the shape of the cells, and cellular composition. When potential cancer drugs are screened on these lab-grown cultures, the artificial cells are less resistant to drugs, leading to false hopes and inaccurate information.

Dr. Wei Sun’s research first analyzed the best techniques for deposition printing both Hela cells (a famous strain known as the responsible party for cervical cancer) and a support matrix similar to the proteins that would be found surrounding tumor cells in an organism. Then the team compared how chemoresistant the resulting tumor was relative to a 2D tissue culture of the same cells. … (Read more)

Source: Gizmag.com

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