3D-Printed Prosthetics Are Changing The Medical Landscape (VIDEO)

We live in a society that is experiencing massive technological shifts. Those shifts are driven by big data, mobility, security and cloud computing, and make no doubt about it, new tech is rapidly transforming business and society.

One of the most talked about shifts in technology over the last few years is 3D-Printing. When we think about 3D-Printed objects, the first thing that comes to mind for many people is iPhone cases, cheap toys, and other very rudimentary pieces of hardware. In reality, 3D printed objects are not only more advanced than they were several years ago, they can actually better lives, and with a cost savings that has never before been witnessed in the medical industry.

In 2014 researchers in Florida printed a 3D arm for a boy in just seven weeks. The arm, a medical breakthrough, cost just $350 to develop and its blueprint was uploaded online for free use. Following that example, researchers in Georgia in January 2015 printed another prosthetic arm for a young man. Unlike the first attempt, this second arm was customized to match the boys personality and designed to look like the arm Luke Skywalker received in Star Wars. … (read more)

Source: Business2Community.com