3D Printed Shoes, Inside and Out

With 3D Printing technologies advancing day-by-day, creating a one-of-a-kind wearable product has become easier than ever. Today we’d like to introduce you to some perfectly personalized 3D Printed items made for walking. Read more to find out about the “next step” in 3D Printing.

Customized Shoes by Frederik Bussels
Autodesk’s 123D Catch turns ordinary photos into extraordinary 3D models. All you have to do is to capture 20–40 sequential photos of a stationary subject then upload your photos to the Autodesk cloud where they are converted into realistic 3D models. Although this application is useful for turning 2D pictures into 3D figures and sculptures, there are many more things you can create using 123D Catch, even customized shoes!

The shoes shown above were created based on pictures of a foot that were converted into a 3D model using 123D Catch. 3D modeler Frederik Bussels from Belgian design studio Visualize-to.be designed the shoe shape to wrap around the foot model and printed the shoes in a rubber-like material, making each step comfortable. … (Read more)

Source: MicroFabricator.com