3D Printing as Innovation Driver for Medical Specialties

Some have claimed that the advance of medical (and computer) technology is progressing at a rate faster than the human mind can assimilate. 3D printing is simply two-dimensional printing built upwards. The most exciting aspect of 3D printing involves is the promise of healthcare solutions so tailored to the individual, only “personalized medicine”—dependent on individual gene sequencing—can compete.

3D Printing in Orthopedics
3D printers emerged on the scene only to meet skeptics saying, “who needs more plastic keychains and salt shakers.” Doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals, however, got stars in their eyes immediately. They recognized that initial, simple prototypes like toys and household items only hinted at the medical solutions this new technology would provide. Medical visionaries locked onto the 3D printer coordinates with a laser focus.

The orthopedists were the first to stand in line for 3D printers. They first adapted 3D printers so that it could use material that disintegrates over time. The development of a material the body accepts as itself is quite a feat.Read more

Source: hitconsultant.net; image: inhabitat.com

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