How 3D Printing Can Reduce Medical Expenses

Sometimes, it seems like medical expenses cost an arm and a leg, for patients as well as for doctors and researchers. That’s all about to change though, thanks to a recent innovation involving 3D printing, syringes and the Michigan Technological University.

The research team, led by Joshua Pearce, has created an online open-source syringe pump library — so now, instead of ordering equipment, doctors can download, customize and 3D print their own pump (which is used to give doses of medication or fluids to patients).

All of the designs are customizable and all a physician needs is a RepRap 3D printer, small electric stepper motor that drives liquids, simple hardware and a syringe.

“Not only have we designed a single syringe pump, we’ve designed all future syringe pumps,” Pearce tells Michigan Tech. “Scientists can customize the design of a pump for exactly what they are doing, just by changing a couple of numbers in the software.” … (Read more)