3D Printing Nanoscale Self-Assembling DNA Structures Could Lead to New Cures

Thanks to a couple particularly gifted practitioners of the “DNA origami” art form, scientists are now finding that they can fold DNA into very particular shapes by way of a 3D printing method that would help get medication to the right place without breaking down in the body.

ERIK BENSON AND BJÖRN HÖGBERG: DNA can be folded into a variety of nanoscale mesh structures that are more stable than previous iterations of such origami, researchers from Sweden’s Karolinska Institute and their colleagues showed in Nature this week (July 22). The design process is also highly automated, which enables the creation of synthetic DNA nanostructures of remarkable complexity.

In the breakthrough method the user can create their desired structure using 3-D software normally used for computer-aided design or animation. But now, thanks to their new algorithm, scientists are able to first come up with a shape, then run the program to see what list of DNA sequences could be combined (under the right temperatures and conditions) to actually yield that particular form.Read more

Source: sentinelrepublic.com

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