3D printing pioneer stunned by medical uses

Chuck Hull, who entered the US Inventors Hall of Fame last month and who is credited with pioneering 3D printing, has expressed surprise at the growth in medical uses for the technology.

Hull said the medical uses additive manufacturing was being put to were “just amazing to me. Healthcare has been one of our fastest-growing areas.” Hull, who invented stereolithography in 1984 and patented it in 1986, is also credited with inventing the .stl file format, which has aided in democratising the technology.

According to Visiongain research, healthcare will comprise $US 4 billion in investment in the technology by 2018. He cited dentistry applications as one area where 3D printing has been revolutionary, though was first struck by the technology being used in surgery modelling for conjoined twins. … (Read more)

Source: Ferret.com