3D Printing Reshapes Healthcare

Printed livers, ears, hands, and eyes? 3D printing can change and save lives. 3D printing can improve the quality of patients’ lives — even save the lives of some people lucky enough to take advantage of the new technology.

Healthcare has been slow to adopt electronic records and messaging apps, but it’s been quick to embrace 3D printers and their specialized materials. In fact, the 3D printing market for healthcare will generate more than $4 billion by 2018, according to a January 2014 report by Visiongain.

Medical professionals increasingly explore 3D printing because it cuts costs and improves healthcare. “Customized orthopedic implants, for example, perform much better, and their use dramatically reduces surgery times,” said Jennifer Taylor, pharmaceutical industry analyst at Visiongain, in an interview.”In addition, 3D-printed medical models can reduce surgery times. Surgery costs $100 per minute. As well as resulting in substantial cost-savings, the use of 3D-printed medical implants reduces the risks associated with anesthesia during long surgeries.” … (Read more)

Source: InformationWeek.com

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