3D Printing Technology Produces Printable Medicine Tablets

3D printing has given rise to several breakthroughs in many fields of study, including medicine. This time, new research embarks on a product that will revolutionize the way we think about 3D printers.

Scientists from the University of Central Lancashire in the U.K. have developed a 3D printer that can “print” medicine tablets. The tablets may be designed to custom-fit the needs of the patient who is going to take them. This is made possible by special 3D printer filaments created by the team of researchers. The tablets produced by the printer can replicate any existing medicine in terms of weight and dosage fairly accurately.

Study co-author Dr. Mohamed Albed Alhnan of the university’s School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences expressed the impact of their discovery to the field of medicine. “Thanks to this technology, the invented system can provide medical institutions with a new option and maintain dosage form properties while accurately adjusting the dose with simple software order, something that was considered before to be costly and required experienced staff and dedicated facilities. Eventually, we hope to see that units can be kept at home for patients who continuously need to change their daily dose,” said Alhnan in a news item.

Furthermore, Alhnan said that 3D printing technology has changed the way we do things. “3D printing has been embraced by lots of different industries … but we have shown how this technology can be harnessed to improve medical care, providing low-cost, personally tailored medicines for patients,” he added.

Source: HomeTestingBlog.com